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Margrét Guðnadóttir is a versatile designer based in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she emphasizes on mixed media.  Her work includes lamps, reed sculptures, plexi creations, and last but not least, music boxes with Icelandic folk songs.  She primarily works with reed, paper cord, wood and plexi.


In 1993, Margrét founded, along with fellow artists, the gallery/shop Kirsuberjatréð, located in downtown Reykjavík.  Her work has been presented at exhibitions around the world, including;  the Roger Bill Cliff Gallery in Glasgow, Chelsea Craft Fair in London, Scandinavian House in New York, Nordic Design Exhibition in the Round Tower in Copenhagen, Nordic Design in Aarhus, Denmark, Sturehof in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the Icelandic Culture Exhibition in Caen, France.


In Iceland, Margrét has been invited to participate in a variety of exhibitions.  She regularly exhibits at Reykjavik City Hall, where the Craft & Design Association (Handverk & Hönnun) presents selected works.  There, her work has been exhibited six times consecutively, and on three occasions (2009/2010/2011) honored with the City Hall Award, Skúlaverðlaun, for Best Original Design.  Margrét has also exhibited at Hafnarborg, the Hafnarfjörður Art Museum, as part of the show SPOR, which later traveled to Copenhagen.  Her first solo exhibition was held at Stöðlakot, where she presented LIGHTS.  Subsequently, she has frequently displayed her work at “Herbergið.”  Last year, Margrét participated in the Icelandic Design March (Hönnunar Mars) with FLÉTTA, presented at the Reykjavík Art Museum.   


Margrét studied art and design at the Central Connecticut State University from 1982 - 1986, as well as completing multiple courses in weaving and basketry at Wesleyan Potters during the 1980s.  Later, she completed work at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts and Denmark’s Kunst Höjskole in Ærö.  Additionally, she took courses at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine and The Paper House Studio in New York City.  Most recently, Margrét traveled through India on a textile tour, with other artists in her field.  She found the experience eye opening, to say the least.