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Hulda B. Ágústsdóttir is a jewellery artist living in Reykavik. In her jewellery she uses nonprecious materials such as rubber and  various types of plastics. Painted plastic tubes or filled with organza silk.  Plexiglass which is shaped  into diverse forms  with different textures. Transparent like icecubes, opague, coloured, or with layers of gold and silver. At present she uses mostly brightly coloured forms in wood. Her jewellery is  big, bold and made for independent people.


Hulda studied painting at École des Beaux-Arts in France and she was  a student at  the Experimental Art Department of the Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts.


Hulda has participated in several exhibtions in Europe, Japan and the United States. She has recieved grants from the Icelandic Ministry of Culture and been nominated for cultural awards.